Happy Monday!

I am slowly slithering out of my den after hibernating for most of last week during a historic winter storm here in Texas.  Just when I thought spring was imminent, the coldest temps in 100 years sent us into an icy and collective hell.  I was extremely lucky.  Only lost power for 6 hours at the longest stretch, didn’t have a single water leak, never had to boil water.  Most of my neighbors didn’t fare as well, some are displaced due to house flooding.  I am definitely counting my blessings and equally hoping that this is something that I never have to live through again.

I am going into this week with a fresh attitude.  Looking forward to the return of sun and what looks to be spring on the way once again.

This yoga flow warms up the body through sun salutations and progresses into deeper backbends to open the heart and bring energy and flexibility to the spine.


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Have an amazing week!



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