Namaste friends! Welcome to my Zen den! There is no place, aside from maybe my bed, that I feel more comfortable in.  I took special care in creating this magical space that would continue to lure me back to my mat.  Here are some elements that are essential for an amazing home yoga space:

PLANTS // automatically increase the vibration of your space by adding in some green.  The more the better!

A TAPESTRY //  Gives the perfect backdrop to build on.  I bought this black and white mandala tapestry on Amazon.

A SALT LAMP // whether or not they actually absorb negative ions is up for debate, but the glow does improve my mood and it is safer than burning a candle next to the tapestry;)

A BUDDHA // head or statue is perfect.

INCENSE //  I want to be intoxicated by the smell, so I am usually burning some nag champa or patchouli.  If you don’t want the smoke, an oil diffuser is a decent alternative.

A BASKET // Or some other storage to catch all of the yoga blocks, straps, wheel, or other props.  Obviously a good mat is essential.  I prefer Lululemon mats.  Not an ad, just personal preference :).

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