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Yoga Flow for Spine Flexibility // 25 Minute Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow

Happy Monday! I am slowly slithering out of my den after hibernating for most of last week during a historic winter storm here in Texas.  Just when I thought spring was imminent, the coldest temps in 100 years sent us into an icy and collective hell.  I was extremely lucky.  Only lost power for 6 …


WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: Kombucha Benefits // Can the Ancient Drink’s Probiotics Boost the Immune System?

I am sure you have heard of the trendy sparkling probiotic goodness that is kombucha, or loving referred to as booch.  Now you might be wondering, “What is exactly is kombucha and do I really need another health supplement in my life?” Kombucha has been used for thousands of years in Chinese culture as a …


Monday Musings

Happy Monday from the Jungle. I’m basking in the thought of another week in paradise. I love the splendor of the fall light as it illuminates the foliage. The way the light bounces around creates a glow this time of year makes some of my favorite images. It’s a fun opportunity to play with shadows …