SOLD “Scorpio” Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting

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“Scorpio” original acrylic on canvas painting by Eve.

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“Scorpio” Original Acrylic on canvas painting is one of the  “Back to Eden” series of self portraits by Eve.  This one portrays Eve in the desert, confidently handling a scorpion, the symbol of Eve’s zodiac sign.  Measures 24 x 30 inches and is signed by the artist.

1 review for SOLD “Scorpio” Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting

  1. Odinsdad (verified owner)

    High quality original that is a perfect fit for the local landscape and geography. From the prickly pear cactus that sits in my front yard, to the scorpion that I regrettably found in my bed after it was to late, this painting just captured the essence of the area so well

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