Happy Monday!  I know that this day of the week is dreaded by many, especially the Monday following the Super Bowl.  Ironically, I feel like the Super Bowl is an official end to the holiday season, and the perfect time to get back on track and start working on my summer body.

Legs are always my favorite body part to work, and the hard work over the years has definitely included a lot of trial and error.   In high school, I wanted long and lean legs, a’ la Pamela Anderson.  I would usually have multiple workouts a day between playing sports at school and my added nightly leg workouts.  These workouts included using my dad’s heavy weights to do high reps of lunges and squats in the evenings.  To my dismay, instead of my legs getting longer and leaner, they just got bigger and bulkier!

In college I took up running to stay in shape.  It is still one of my favorite ways to break a sweat and an integral part of my workout routine.  As I ran more, my legs did begin to lean out an bit, but were still pretty disproportionate to my upper body.

It wasn’t until I found yoga and started practicing it consistently that my body, almost like magic, became the long and lean frame that I had been trying to find a way to build for so many years.  I think that it boils down to two reasons:

  1. Yoga’s mix of stretching and strengthening at the same time, using just body weight, naturally builds longer and leaner muscles.
  2. Yoga’s benifits have caused me to focus on improving other parts of my life like clean, plant based nutrition habits

Whatever your fitness goals are, yoga is always a great addition, so grab your mat and water and let the good vibes flow with this free leg focused class!


Let me know what other yoga classes you want to see and subscribe to my VIP Classes for unlimited on demand yoga for every body, mind and spirit!



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