Happy Monday from the Jungle.

I’m basking in the thought of another week in paradise.

I love the splendor of the fall light as it illuminates the foliage.

The way the light bounces around creates a glow this time of year makes some of my favorite images.

It’s a fun opportunity to play with shadows and light.

Creating a sense of magic and sensuality becomes almost easy when mother nature is in charge of set design.

The plants are the real stars, I am just here for scale, 😉

I think now more than ever, it is important to focus on creating a physical environment that is serene and green.

I have learned so much from these plants and creating this oasis that translate into all other aspects of my life.

Things about patience, beauty, and growth.  I feel like patience is often an overlooked virtue that is more relevant than ever.

Plants make our world more beautiful, and the more they are nurtured, the more they grow.

Very much like humans, we thrive when we are nurtured and encouraged to bloom into the most authentic versions of ourselves.

My plants remind me that what I tend to the most is what is going to grow in my personal life.  Whether it is sweet fruit or poison ivy is dependent on what I sow.

My plants remind me to keep reaching toward the light.  The garden is literally starting to lean towards the south as fall settles in.

Plants remind me that it is good to be flexible. A gust of wind can take down a rigid tree.

Overall, gardening is just a fun hobby and beautiful way to spend time.  I get some of my best ideas when I am working in my garden.

and it is a place that I can always find a little peace and real life wisdom.

Thanks for reading my Monday musings about the joys of plants.  Now you know I am just a granny at heart.

Determined to make gardening great again!

Wishing you all a peaceful week.

Full of love, light, and plant magic.



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