Happy Equinox!  I am feeling so good today, maybe it is the balanced energy, or the excitement of moving into a new season.

I woke up to rain from a tropical storm.  It is supposed to rain all day.  I grabbed a cup of tea, put on some tunes and lit some palo santo.

It seemed like the perfect time to think about goals and get inspired, so I decided to do a little vision board while I was stuck inside.

I keep a vision board in my workspace to keep me inspired and serve as a visual reminder of things I want to manifest.

This is a pretty self explanatory process, and I am sure everyone has their own way of doing it.

I am just going to share my way here because collages have always been one of those my hidden talents.

The first thing I do is grab a stack of glossy mags.  If you don’t have these on hand, find a friend, relative, or dentist, and raid their stash.

I cut about 12 inches off of a normal size poster board to make that project a more manageable size.  I find that this is just about perfect.  Grab some scissors, and glue too.  I am using a glue stick because it seems to make the magazine pages wrinkle less, and we want this to look amazing, after all it is a vision of the future.

I thumb through the magazines and tear out pages that have image of words that speak to me.  Even if I’m not sure why, I tear it out and lay them in a loose stack, so I can still see what I have pulled as I am grabbing more inspiration.

After I have a nice sized collection of images and text, I start randomly brainstorming the placement.  It is an art, not a science, so I just kind of get a feel for how the images connect.  I can usual start to get a vision for what is going to work.

One tip is finding one or two images that really convey a concept or become the subject, and begin to work around that.

In this, I found these images of Emily Ratajkowski  and it reminded me of how Libra season represents finding a balance, and that masculine/feminine energy of the two images really visually conveys that message to me.

I place the larger images in the back and then build on top of them.  I also like for the images to get smaller as they get closer to the bottom, and I do more layering at the bottom, letting the more prominent pieces stay towards the top.

I cut like a kindergartener, so I never expect perfection, and that makes it easer to play around.

After everything is where I like it, I take a pic for reference and glue everything down.

The Finished Board!

I love having it behind my desk!

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